In efforts to explore the full effects of cancer on the Métis community, we have partnered with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).

This project focuses on Métis Albertans’ cancer journeys and involves developing and delivering our Alberta Métis Cancer Strategy (AMCS), including creating culturally-meaningful cancer resources for our community and their families.

The AMCS is intended to outline our future actions and provide recommendations for Cancer Control Alberta (CCA) to include in its Alberta Indigenous Cancer Action Plan.

Our strategy will be informed by qualitative data from engagements with Métis Albertans and their caregivers, focusing on their cancer journeys. It will also include epidemiological data, a literature review, and an environmental scan.

Key goals of this project:

  • Collecting and sharing data specific to Métis Albertans.
  • Developing a cancer strategy with Métis self-determined priorities at its centre.
  • Improving healthcare providers’ understanding of cancer, as experienced by Métis Albertans.
  • Understanding the role of the MNA in engaging, learning from, and responding to the cancer needs of Métis Albertans and their families.
  • Developing and offering culturally meaningful resources to support Métis Albertans and their families at all stages of their cancer journey. One of the resources we developed are the Cancer Journey Video Supports. These four videos feature Métis Albertans sharing their story and each illustrates a different aspect of the cancer journey and features tips that may help you on yours.
  • Creating and sharing knowledge of Métis Albertans’ experiences with cancer with the Métis community, project partners in the Alberta cancer control system, and academic audiences.
  • Developing and providing Métis Albertans and their families with supports and services that are responsive to their needs and experiences. The Compassionate Care Cancer Transportation Program is part of this and is offered to Métis Albertans through the Department of Health’s Community Wellness pillar.

Our Alberta Métis Cancer Strategy will be used to inform future cancer supports and services delivered through the Department of Health’s Community Wellness pillar, as well as the MNA Comprehensive Health and Wellness Centre.

This project is funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).