The Department of Health is structured around two core pillars: Community Wellness and Health Research and Advocacy

We provide opportunities that integrate the needs, values, and beliefs of Métis Albertans into our research, education, policies, and programs.

We apply Métis knowledge to our approaches and define health, well-being, and success based on community definitions.

Our team is dedicated to identifying and sharing the unique health experiences of Métis Albertans through our advocacy efforts and policy, program, and service development, focusing on our community’s strength and resiliency. Our work recognizes key concepts of cultural safety and the traumas associated with historic and ongoing colonialization.

  • The MNA has always pursued the mandate, “A strong Métis Nation embracing Métis rights.” We cannot realize this vision without ensuring the cultural, emotional, and physical well-being of all Métis people within Alberta.

    Audrey Poitras

    Past President