Battle River Territory

1. Foothills Métis District
2. Medicine Hat Métis District
3. Red Deer Métis District
4. Rocky View Métis District
5. Calgary Nose Hill Métis District
6. Calgary Elbow Métis District

North Saskatchewan River Territory

7. Jasper House Métis District
8. Lac Ste. Anne Métis District
9. Fort Edmonton Métis District
10. Edmonton Whitemud Métis District
11. St. Albert Métis District
12. St. Paul-Cold Lake Métis District

Peace River Territory

13. Grande Prairie Métis District
14. Peace River Métis District
15. Fort Vermilion Métis District

Lower Athabasca River Territory

16. Fort Chipewyan Métis District
17. Fort McMurray Métis District
18. Conklin Métis District
19. Lac La Biche Métis District
20. Athabasca Métis District

Lesser Slave Territory

21. Lesser Slave Lake Métis District
22. Wabasca-Desmarais Métis District

CitizensCouncil & District Captains

Citizen’s Council (October 16, 2023)

Foothills Métis District 1

Citizens’ Representative Darryl W. Campbell


Medicine Hat Métis District 2

Citizens’ Representative Catherine Schnell


Red Deer Métis District 3

Citizens’ Representative Joe Chodzicki


Rocky View Métis District 4 

Citizens’ Representative Lisa San Filippo

District Captain Amber Boyd


Calgary Nose Hill Métis District 5

Citizens’ Representative Nelson Anthony Lussier


Calgary Elbow Métis District 6

Citizens’ Representative Jason Chernow

District Captain Carmen Lasante


Jasper House Métis District 7

Citizens’ Representative Kaila Mitchell


Lac Ste. Anne Métis District 8

Citizens’ Representative Lisa Wolfe


Fort Edmonton Métis District 9 

Citizens’ Representative Sarah Wolfe


Edmonton Whitemud Métis District 10 

Citizens’ Representative Aura Leddy


St. Albert Métis District 11

Citizens’ Representative Alfred L’Hirondelle


St. Paul-Cold Lake Métis District 12

Citizens’ Representative Karen Collins

District Captain Bernie Poitras


Grande Prairie Métis District 13

Citizens’ Representative Shannon Dunfield


Peace River Métis District 14

Citizens’ Representative Barry Dibb


Fort Vermilion Métis District 15

Citizens’ Representative Bobbi Paul-Alook


Fort Chipewyan Métis District 16

Citizens’ Representative Judy Ann Cardinal


Fort McMurray Métis District 17

Citizens’ Representative Brooke Bramfield


Conklin Métis District 18

Citizens’ Representative Valerie Quintal


Lac La Biche Métis District 19

Citizens’ Representative Jason Ekeberg


Athabasca Landing Métis District 20

Citizens’ Representative Joseph Noel Tremblay

District Captain Brian Ladouceur


Lesser Slave Lake Métis District 21

Citizens’ Representative Grant Lacombe


Wabasca-Desmarais Métis District 22 

Citizens’ Representative Nancy Margaret Cardinal

District Captain Regan Auger

About the District Boundaries

The District map is based upon extensive feedback from Citizens that District boundaries should balance the following factors:

  • population (more populated areas should have more representation)
  • geography (natural features and boundaries, like rivers)
  • mobility (boundaries reflect where people live, work, and move about)
  • historic Métis presence (boundaries recognize places with histories of self-government)
  • remoteness (remote populations have their own District to ensure they receive adequate services)

Learn more about the consultation process on our What We Heard report. You can also learn more about the District Boundaries in the District Boundaries Act available in the Registry of Laws.

Click the images below to learn more about the Districts.