Métis rights are classified into two categories:

  1. Land and Resource Rights
  2. Self-Governing Rights

The Métis have fought on the battlefield, in the courts, and government meeting rooms to have our rights recognized for generations. We desire greater control over our lives within Canada, just as we had in the 1869 and 1885 resistance struggles.

This section provides current and historical information about Métis rights, including rights to harvesting, land claims, and consultation. Updates on current Métis rights can be found on the News page, while past publications on Métis rights are filed under Archived Métis Rights Publications page. Publications released after 2016 can be found in the Resources tab.



To date, the Métis Nation has succeeded in bringing three cases forward to the Supreme Court: Daniels vs. Canada (2016), R. vs. Powley (2003), and The Manitoba Métis Federation vs. Canada (2013).

Indigenous rights lawyer, Jean Teillet, has provided a comprehensive overview of Métis case law in Canada in her report titled Métis Law in Canada, which was first published in 1999.

Métis Law in Canada, is the only comprehensive analysis of all modern Canadian Métis case law.


Métis Rights FAQs

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