As part of our Alberta Métis Cancer Strategy project, we have created the Cancer Journey videos as a resource for Métis Albertans. These four videos feature Métis Albertans sharing their story and each illustrates a different aspect of the cancer journey and features tips that may help you on yours.

We would like to thank all the Métis Albertans who shared their stories as part of the Alberta Métis Cancer Strategy project.

Click on the following to watch:
Trigger Warning: Some videos discuss suicide, abuse, and other topics that may be hard to watch.

Alice’s story about caregiving for her husband who suffered from cancer.

Bernie’s story about how having someone advocate for you can help you on your cancer journey.

Dionne’s story about resiliency and the importance of community.

Martin’s story about strength and the importance of doctors who know you.

The production of the Cancer Journey videos was made possible through collaboration and funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Health Canada.