As part of our Alberta Métis Cancer Strategy, we have created the Miyooayaan (Wellness): Métis Guide For Wellness with Cancer. This guide is made up of advice from other Métis Albertans who have been on their own cancer journeys. Each chapter focuses on a different stage of the cancer journey, including resources for caretakers.

We offer our gratitude and thanks to the Métis Albertans and their families who shared their cancer stories and experiences at the MNA regional engagement sessions and the Annual Health Forum held in 2018 and 2019. Your stories, tips, and recommendations will help other Métis Albertans on their own cancer journey.

This resource was made possible through partnerships with the CANHelp Working Group at the University of Alberta and funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of the Miyooayaan (Wellness): Métis Guide for Wellness with Cancer.