Consult With Us

Consultation lays out a process to understand potential impacts associated with decisions made to the land impacting traditional ways of life for Indigenous people.

This page will help you, your company, or government department follow our consultation process, which has been identified and agreed to by the Government of Canada and the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) in the Canada Consultation Agreement (2018).

There is also guidance if you are unsure whether you need to consult with us.

For Our Citizens

It is the rights of our Citizens we defend and advance, and it is our Citizens who provide us with the necessary information to do so.

We know the importance of our culture and traditional practices, and how we must protect our rights as Métis for future generations, and with this, we want your input, insights, and knowledge.

Find out more about what we do, how our department works and take the survey below.

Citizen Participation

Why are your rights important to you? What do you want Métis rights to look like in 20 years for you and your family? 40 years? And how will you contribute to the protection and advancement of those rights?

You, our Citizens, are the backbone of the Consultation Department.

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