MNA Scholarship Awards

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Each year, Métis Nation of Alberta provides scholarships to reward outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships are open to Métis students pursuing post-secondary education. Scholarship recipients receive both monetary reward and recognition during the November Métis Week celebration. Application forms for MNA scholarships are available online at www.albertametis.com.

The deadline for scholarship applications is October 31st of the current year. Please submit application packages to Kaylee Townend at ktownend@metis.org.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Students must be available to accept their award during the award presentation ceremony.
  2. Students must include completed application form, reference letter, and a written section describing qualifications
  3. Students must provide proof of registration as well as details of the post-secondary program and/or courses in which they are enrolled.
  4. Nominations must include the completed nomination form as well as a letter from the nominator.

Available Scholarships

Application Packages