The Métis Judiciary Council (MJC) is comprised of six Lifetime members, one from each of the six Regions chosen by the Regional Council to serve a four-year term.

The MJC was established in 1996, and after a brief review period reconvened in 2019 to represent an alternative dispute resolution mechanism for MNA citizens. The MJC mandate is outlined in the following MNA Bylaws:

  • Article 29 (MJC Member Information and Criteria)
  • Article 30 (Powers of the MJC)
  • Article 31 (Rights of Parties Before the MJC)
  • Articles 32, 55, and 74 (MJC Procedure on Conflict of Interest of Provincial Council, Regional Council and Local Council members).

As outlined in the Métis Nation of Alberta Bylaws, the MJC holds the authority to:

  • Review and decide all matters of citizenship where there is a dispute
  • Review and decide all matters regarding MNA Bylaws where there is a dispute
  • Review and decide all matters concerning the suspension and reinstatement of any Métis citizen’s rights
  • Review and decide all matters concerning conflict of interest
  • Recommend boundary changes of Regions and Local Communities to the Annual General Assembly
  • Decide whether a member of the Provincial, Regional or Local Council shall remain in office in the event of a conviction of an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada
  • Provide to the Provincial, Regional and Local Councils, or a Métis citizen in good standing, a written opinion on any question put to the MJC
  • Undertake reviews as directed by the Provincial, Regional or Local Council
  • Initially establish rules and procedures for the MJC, which will be valid until the date of the next Annual General Assembly. It will then be the responsibility of the Annual General Assembly to establish rules and Procedures for the Council.

For more information about the Métis Judiciary Council and its authority/role in the Métis Nation, please review the Bylaws of the Métis Nation of Alberta.

If you need to lodge a grievance:

To contact the Métis Judiciary Council:

Métis Judiciary Council
12304 – 111 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5M 2N4
Tel (780) 413-8436
Fax (780) 577-9800
Facebook @AlbertaMJC

Métis Judiciary Council

Region 1
Mel Boostrom

Region 2
Rhonda Young

Region 3 & Chairperson
John Phillips


Region 4 – Vacant


Region 5
Ken Shaw

Region 6
Marge Mueller