Statement by Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta.

“Earlier today the Métis National Council (MNC) filed a Statement of Claim in Ontario Superior Court following a comprehensive review of administration under previous leadership.

As a governing and founding member of MNC, the Métis Nation of Alberta fully supports President Caron and the MNC Board of Governors’ decision to take action.

We are obligated to do what is right and necessary to restore accountability, transparency, and integrity to the MNC by moving forward with this litigation with a view to ensuring transparency and accountability and holding individuals responsible for their actions.

Many Métis citizens have been asking me what action we are taking to move in a positive direction after many troubled years under previous leadership and this Statement of Claim speaks for itself.

Métis elected officials are called upon by citizens to serve the Métis Nation, and nothing is more important to me than ensuring citizens can trust their leaders. Sound financial management and transparency is the foundation of my long-standing presidency representing Métis citizens in Alberta.

While allegations in this Claim are substantial, I cannot specifically comment on this legal matter as it is currently before the courts, but in the spirit of transparency I want to share the statement of claim with all Citizens of the Métis Nation of Alberta and ensure them that we are taking action to pursue this matter.”

Read the Statement of Claim.

Watch MNC President Cassidy Caron’s statement.