The Métis Nation of Alberta, the only democratically elected government of the Métis Nation within Alberta, rejects Premier Jason Kenney’s public show of support and financial commitment for outside organizations claiming to represent Métis interests.

“Today, Premier Kenney is standing with a handful of unaccountable, undemocratic and illegitimate organizations to challenge federal legislation that is designed to ensure we are consulted on projects that protect our Métis rights and way of life,” said MNA President Audrey Poitras. “As the democratically elected representatives of Métis citizens in Alberta, we want to make it clear that if these issues are brought before the courts, the MNA will be there to underscore how these individuals and organizations do not represent Alberta Métis. The courts will scrutinize the credibility of these claims. It is unfortunate that the Premier of this province has not.”

“This is a bad decision by the Premier and represents a clear misuse of public money,” added President Poitras. “These organizations are not elected or accountable to anyone and are made up of non-Métis individuals. These organizations do not speak for the Métis Nation, the Métis people or Métis communities in Alberta.”

Since 1928, the MNA has represented the rights and interests of Alberta Métis through democratic self-government structures at the local, regional and provincial levels. Today, the MNA has over 51,000 registered citizens. In 2019, the MNA signed a historic agreement with Canada confirming the MNA as the only recognized, accountable and democratically elected government of Métis citizens in Alberta.

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