Harvesting Rights

Harvesting Rights

Harvesting Update

(May 2020) – Since implementing the new harvesting policy in the fall of 2019, we have been processing applications, and are pleased to be helping Métis harvesters in Alberta exercise their inherent rights. Although we receive many applications and inquiries, our harvesting team works hard to keep the verification and approval processes running smoothly.

Our current processing times range between six to eight weeks for your application to be reviewed, approved, and your card to be mailed to you.

Have questions about your application? Email us at harvesting@metis.org.

Have questions about hunting or fishing specifically? Email our Harvesting Coordinator Craig at cletendre@metis.org

Download the PDF Application Form

How to Apply

  1. Fill out and sign the PDF application form online and submit using the following methods.
    • Mailing it to the MNA Provincial Office in Edmonton;
      Att: Harvesting Department
      11738 Kingsway NW
      Delia Gray Building
      Edmonton, AB
      T5G 0X5
    • Email it to harvesting@metis.org; or
    • In person to the MNA Provincial Office or to any MNA Regional Office.
  2. Print and complete the PDF application form, scan the pages and submit using the above methods.
  3. During the MNA citizenship card application process.
    If you’re in the process of applying, you can ask for a harvester application to be added to your citizenship card application.
    To learn more about this process, please contact our registry department on 780-455-2200 or registry@metis.org

Processing Times

For those with existing MNA citizenship cards, the wait time from application to approval is approximately 6-8 weeks.
Once approved, you will receive a new card with your identified harvesting areas and your signature. Your citizen ID number will be the same.

Note: During this time, we are processing many applications, we apologize for any delay, and we thank you for your patience. If you have not received anything after six weeks, please contact us at harvesting@metis.org, and we will look into your application.

If you are also applying for an MNA citizenship card, the wait time is currently 6-10 months.

Harvesting Brochure

Our informative brochure contains harvesting details and answers to questions like “who can or how can I apply?” or “when and where can I harvest?” Feel free to read it here, or download it and save it for later. 

Métis Harvesting Rights Update – March 2019

The Métis Nation of Alberta is very excited to announce the new Métis Harvesting Agreement and Policy.

The new Métis Harvesting in Alberta Policy replaces the 2010 policy and recognizes the rights of eligible MNA citizens to hunt, fish, and trap for food in five large regional Métis Harvesting Areas in central and northern Alberta (as opposed to the much smaller 25 local Métis harvesting areas provided for in the 2010 policy).

For more information, please see the following:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. Media Release – Métis Harvesting Agreement
  3. Métis Harvesting Signed Agreement (March 2019)
  4. Métis Harvesting in Alberta Policy (2019)
  5. Maps:
    1. Harvesting Area Mosaic
    2. Harvesting Area A
    3. Harvesting Area B
    4. Harvesting Area C
    5. Harvesting Area D
    6. All Harvesting Areas

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