Salay Prayzaan: Métis Crossing Solar Project

Initiative: Renewable Energy

The Métis Crossing Solar Project in the North section of the site
  • Enough electricity to power all MNA and affiliate buildings, roughly equivalent to 1,200 Alberta homes
  • Project will offset 4,700 tonnes of CO2 annually
  • Partnerships with the Town and County of Smoky Lake to encourage economic and sustainable development

The Métis Crossing Solar Farm Project is a 4.86 megawatt community generation solar installation and will be the most northern grid-connected solar project of such size in Alberta. The project is a collaboration among the MNA, the Town of Smoky Lake, and Smoky Lake County. The electricity produced by the solar farm will help offset the MNA’s electricity use. The Town of Smoky Lake and Smoky Lake County will also benefit from the generation of economic and community benefits, like tax revenue for the county.

A portion of the project’s revenue will be dedicated to a community development fund to support other green energy and sustainable development in the area. Profits generated from the MCSP will be used to fund social and economic development initiatives and programs through the MNA, benefitting Métis people across Alberta.

Micro-Generation Solar

Region 5 office rooftop solar system.

Initiative: Renewable Energy

  • Installed solar photovoltaic system at over 35 MNA and affiliate sites across the province
  • Cumulative Capacity of over 520 kW, enough to power nearly 80 Alberta homes
  • Will offset over 300 tonnes of CO2 equivalent annually.

An important part of the MNA CCAP includes reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-produced electricity by producing energy from renewable sources. Producing renewable energy:

  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Creates energy savings for facilities
  • Generates revenue through energy sales

Micro-generation is electricity production using renewable or alternative energy sources sized to meet the electricity needs of a site. We partnered with our affiliates, regions, and locals to install solar micro-generation systems at our office buildings and residential units to offset electricity use, lower electricity costs, and reduce GHG emissions.

A Métis Capital Urban Housing (MCHC) owned home in Calgary, with new panels installed

Solar panels for the MNA, Métis Crossing, Apeetogosan, Métis Capital Housing and Métis Urban Housing Corporations were installed 2018 to 2021 and are located across the province in Lac La Biche, Bonnyville, Slave Lake, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Calgary, Tail Creek, and Métis Crossing.

The installations provide ongoing electricity savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction for the MNA and our affiliates.