Energy Efficiency

A newly upgraded furnace in the Region 6 office.

Energy efficiency assessments were completed at 14 MNA-owned properties in 2018 and 2019, including the MNA provincial and regional offices, as well as affiliate-owned buildings. We assisted in implementing four energy efficiency retrofit projects at:

  • MNA Region 2 Office (Bonnyville)
  • MNA Region 5 Office (Slave Lake)
  • MNA Region 6 Office (Peace River)
  • Apeetogosan(Métis Veterans Building, Edmonton)

Activities included replacing old light fixtures with energy efficient LED lights, replacing inefficient furnaces, installing and programing smart thermostats, and using smart power bars, among others. We continue working on ways to complete energy efficiency retrofits for all assessed properties. In 2021, the Delia Gray building (MNA Provincial Office) is expected to complete an LED lighting upgrade project.

In partnership with MCHC and MUHC, we helped assess roughly half of the MCHC and MUHC residential portfolio (more than 400 units) for energy efficiency upgrades in 2019.  We are exploring with MCHC and MUHC funding opportunities to implement energy efficiency retrofits at these units.

Energy Management

As we complete our audits and retrofits, we need an effective energy management system to consistently track energy consumption. We launched the MNA Energy Use Database to track information on electricity, natural gas, and water use, which will allow sites to make smarter decisions and take effective action to reduce energy use.  MNA locations currently participating in the database include:

Region 2 Office energy use data, based on utility bills.
  • Delia Gray Building (MNA Provincial Office)
  • MNA Regional Offices 2, 5, and 6
  • Elders Caring Shelter (Grande Prairie)
  • Métis Crossing
  • Métis Veterans Building (Apeetogosan)
  • Tail Creek campground