Can you be-leaf it? Nurture your gardening skills at home by growing your own herb garden!

As part of the Natoona Michif Pimatisiwin (Exploring Métis Culture) at Home program, the Children and Family Services Department is excited to launch the spring Herb Gardening Natoona Michif Pimatisiwin at Home Kit.

This gardening kit includes the materials needed to plant and grow mint, yarrow, and sage in your home. This kit provides an opportunity for Métis families to experience growing their own herbs together and to strengthen their connection to the land and to Métis culture.

Apply for a Herb Gardening Natoona Michif Pimatisiwin kit today!

● Families with children ages of 0 and 11 (inclusive);
● Alberta residents;
● Caregiver or child must be an MNA citizen.

Applications are now closed but it’s not too late to build your own herb garden. Check out the video below!