Once again, from May 2022 to June 2022, we will be offering a Community Disability Workshop Series in partnership with the Gateway Association to provide information about disability services in Alberta and how to access them.

Did you miss last year’s workshops? Watch the recordings below!

Workshop 1: Understanding Disability in Alberta

Watch the recording of this workshop to learn:

∞ What disability really means

∞ What services are available in Alberta

∞ What FSCD, FSCSS, PDD, CDTC, DTC, and RDSP mean

∞ What services you could qualify for

∞ How to understand and access forms you need

Watch the recording!

Workshop 2: Understanding Disability in Your Community

Watch the recording of this workshop to learn about:

∞ Valued roles in the community

∞ Transitioning into adulthood

∞ Navigating the system

∞ Planning for the future

∞ Connecting to agencies

Watch the recording!

Workshop 3: Understanding Disability in Your Home

Watch the recording of this workshop to learn about:

∞ Guardianship

∞ Trusteeship

∞ Aging caregivers

∞ Resources in your community

∞ Law enforcement – Connect to Protect

∞ Self-advocacy

Watch the recording!

Have questions about this workshop series? Email Tracey at tverbonac@metis.org. Check out the poster! Click the image to download poster PDF