Interested in learning more about native bees and our Native Bee Conservation Program?

Watch our Environment and Climate Change Speaker Spotlight: Native Bee Conservation Program here to learn about how our program engages Citizens and aims to support native bees using our bee nesting boxes. From the flowers that inspire Métis beadwork to medicines that we grow or harvest – Métis people are closely tied to the plants that native bees pollinate. This session was led by our resident bee enthusiast, Tiffani Harrison, who introduced native bee diversity, with a focus on cavity-nesting bees. Citizens that attended this session were entered to win an early bird prize of a Native Bee Conservation Kit!

About the Environment & Climate Change Speaker Spotlight:

The Environment & Climate Change Speaker Spotlight is an initiative inviting Métis community members and industry professionals to share their skills and knowledge. The goal of this project is to provide a sense of community for Métis people and information on climate change, climate action, and the protection of environment. Each spotlight will offer a new topic based on previous Métis Nation of Alberta Citizen feedback.

About the Speaker:

Tiffani Harrison is a Conservation Coordinator in the Environment and Climate Change department at the Otipemisiwak Métis Government. She has a background in pollinators, with several years of experience leading population monitoring surveys, research, education and outreach, and community science projects for at-risk bumblebees. Currently she manages our Native Bee Conservation Program and assists with our Métis Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area initiative.

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