About the Askîy Challenge Coin Design Contest

In December 2022, the Environment and Climate Change department held an art contest to design a Métis-inspired challenge coin for Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) Citizens who participate in our Askîy environmental monitoring and conservation programs to recognize their contributions. Contest participants were tasked with creating a design to best illustrate Métis people’s connection to the land. We had 70 Citizens from ages 18 to 78 submit their artwork! Our winners have been selected and the Environment and Climate Change department is working to produce a coin featuring the grand prize winner’s design!

Congratulations to the winners of our Environment and Climate Change Coin Design Contest: Askîy Challenge!

We thank everyone that took the time to submit their beautiful artwork!

About the Askîy Community-Based Monitoring Program

The Environment and Climate Change department conducts community-based monitoring programs through an initiative called Askîy (Cree for “Earth” or “land”) to investigate and address Citizen environmental concerns. We have developed programs to monitor plants, fish, wildlife, and biodiversity using methods which braid western science with traditional knowledge. Monitoring programs are designed to engage with Citizens, facilitate knowledge sharing within the community, provide opportunities for community involvement in monitoring, and keep Citizens updated on project activities and outcomes.