Métis Land: Rights & Scrip Conference

February 8 – 9, 2019
Lister Conference Centre, University of Alberta

After Confederation in 1867, Louis Riel and the Métis Provisional Government negotiated for rights to their homeland. As a result, Canada promised land to the “Half-breeds.” This promise was poorly executed and many Métis families lost their land. 

Scrip had a devastating effect on the Métis Nation. It stripped Métis of their land and tore apart communities.

In 2017 the Métis Nation of Alberta signed a framework agreement with the Government of Canada. This agreement establishes a process to address the sorry legacy of Métis scrip. 

Come learn how scrip impacted Métis in Alberta and what Canada is doing about it now.

Presentations & Panels:

  • Keynote: Métis Scrip 101 with Dr. Frank Tough
  • Edmonton River Lots
  • Future of Métis Land Claims in Alberta
  • Sharing Circle with Métis Knowledge Holders & Scrip experts
  • Hirsekorn Case

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This event is held in partnership with Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research and Rupertsland Institute.