The MNA is the representative voice of the Métis people in Alberta. As of November 2015, there were 29,114 Métis Albertans registered with the MNA. We have a democratically elected President, Audrey Poitras who has served the MNA for the past 18 years and 6 regionally elected presidents and vice presidents.  Together these 13 individuals make up our Provincial Council. All decisions regarding policy, programs, and funding pass through Provincial Council which is governed by a set of Bylaws.

The map on the screen provides a geographical overview of the six regions in Alberta.  Operating within each region are Métis Locals.  These ‘locals’ also have a locally elected president and vice president.  These elected individuals bring local issues forward to their regional presidents and vice presidents to carry forward to the Provincial Council table. This structure facilities the promotion of local and regional interest for Métis to our Provincial table.


Region Map Vector w cities-01