Alberta Métis Historical Society


The Alberta Métis Historical Society was formed out of a need to enhance training opportunities for Métis people and to educate and share the history of our participation in Canada’s story. The Society was incorporated in 1986 and renamed in 1999.

The Alberta Métis Historical Society works closely with the Métis Crossing Foundation to deliver programming at our Métis Crossing site near Smoky Lake, Alberta. The objective of the programming is to create awareness and to promote the retention of our Métis culture and history in a fun and stimulating learning environment.

The Alberta Métis Historical Society contributed to the development of the Métis Nation of Alberta Cultural Exhibit, which was developed in 2000-2001. The exhibit continues to be located at Métis Crossing and will form part of the Métis Crossing cultural exhibit for the next few years until a permanent museum is built.

Each Alberta Métis Historical Society project ties into common goals and objectives; the projects are a part of an ongoing effort to fulfill the MNA’s commitment to our Métis heritage.


For more information, please contact us at:

Alberta Métis Historical Society
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