Through its on-going development, the MNA has established a variety of affiliated institutions and structures (MNA Affiliates) to prove socio-economic and cultural support to Métis people and communities. For example, the MNA has established the Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Incorporated (AMDI), Métis Nation Holding Inc., the Métis Education Foundation, the Métis Urban Housing Corporation (MUHC), Métis Capital Housing Corporation (MCHC), the Rupertsland Institute and the Alberta Métis Historical Society.

These MNA Affiliates have evolved as a part of the MNA’s overall governance structure. Although many of the MNA’s Affiliates are separate corporations or societies under provincial legislation, unique structures and systems have been established that ensure ultimate responsibility for these Métis institutions and structures rests with the elected leadership of the MNA, who are accountable to its grass-roots constituency.

The MNA Provincial Council and the MNA’s Provincial Office administration are largely responsible for gaining access to government programs and services that can be delivered by the local and regional communities through a number of vehicles including the MNA’s labour market development infrastructure (i.e. Employment Assistance Service Centres) or other MNA Affiliates. This access to programs and services is facilitated through negotiations under the MNA/ Canada/ Alberta Tripartite Process and the MNA/ Alberta Framework Agreement Process, as well as other mechanisms like the MNA bilateral process.

Currently, the MNA or MNA Affiliates are offering programs and services and/or undertaking initiatives in the following sectors: Labour Market Development, Education, Economic Development, Child and Family Services, Housing, Health and Wellness, Justice, Youth, Culture and Heritage.