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Indigenous Peoples Open Doors Program

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Métis Nation of Alberta and Parks Canada collaborate on Indigenous Peoples Open Doors Program

Parks Canada and Métis Nation of Alberta leadership signed the agreement at Rocky Mountain House National Historical site, July 31, 2018.
From left: Dave McDonough, Executive Director, Pacific & Mountain Parks; Audrey Poitras, President, Métis Nation of Alberta; Bev New, Co-Minister, Métis Rights & Accommodation; Karen Collins, Co-Minister, Métis Right & Accommodation.


Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, AB. (July 31, 2018) Earlier today, President Audrey Poitras and Parks Canada officials, signed an agreement offering the Indigenous Peoples Open Doors program to citizens of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA).

Parks Canada and the MNA are proud to announce, beginning August 1, 2018, MNA citizens will have free access to national parks and national historic sites located in the province of Alberta.

The MNA has a connection to the lands and waters comprising the national parks and national historic sites located throughout the province of Alberta. Parks Canada, via the Indigenous Peoples Open Doors Program, is inviting and welcoming Indigenous Peoples to Parks Canada places to which they feel a connection or a desire to reconnect without undue requirements for purchasing passes or permits.

The Métis Nation of Alberta is very excited, through this program, to reaffirm its connection to the Métis Nation homeland and to continue leveraging its productive relationships with the Government of Canada.

Quick Facts:

  • The Indigenous Peoples Open Doors program starts with the Métis Nation of Alberta on August 1, 2018 and has no expiry date.
  • This program includes 18 National Parks/National Historic Sites, within Alberta, where Métis citizens will not have to pay park entry fees.
  • The Indigenous Peoples Open Doors program does not override any general admission fees for attractions and services, including campgrounds, hot pools and other park facilities, or any other levies associated with park/site/area use other than entry.
  • The agreement signed today with Parks Canada is the MNA’s second sub-agreement with Canada under the November 2017 Framework Agreement.


“Offering the Indigenous Peoples Open Doors Program to citizens of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), is significant. The Government of Canada recognizes the Métis people as distinct Indigenous people with inherent rights. This program recognizes the connections Métis people in Alberta have with traditionally used lands and waters in Alberta’s national parks and national historic sites. We are excited to announce this partnership with Parks Canada.”

– Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta

For more information and a list of national parks and sites included in the Indigenous Peoples Open Door program, click here.

To see a copy of the signed Memorandum of Understanding, and other important agreements, visit the MNA Self-Government website, albertametisgov.com

Indigenous Language Legislation Engagement

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Canadian Heritage, on behalf of the Government of Canada, is engaging with First Nation, Inuit, and Métis peoples to further inform what may be included in First Nations, Inuit and Métis languages legislation. 

The Assembly of First Nations, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Métis Nation held engagement sessions on a distinctions-basis with their citizens and experts. Canadian Heritage led early engagement sessions with First Nation, Inuit and Métis language practitioners and experts in Canada and heard that intensive community-based engagement is essential.

Radisson Hotel and Convention Centre
Skylites Ballroom
4520 76 Ave NW,  Edmonton, AB

Download the agenda.
Download the registration form.

All parking and mileage (economy class flights) will be reimbursed. A complete travel claim with copies of receipts to the address and/or fax number indicated will be reimbursed. 
Please note that travel claims should not exceed $1,500.

Government of Canada and Métis Nation of Alberta sign Consultation Agreement

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MNA-Canada Consultation Agreement: Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations (center right), MNA President, Audrey Poitras (center left) with MNA Co-Ministers for Métis Rights, Karen Collins (third from left) and Bev New (second from right) and witness, President of MNA Region Three, Marlene Lanz (right).

Edmonton, AB. (July 24, 2018) The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is pleased to announce the signing of a Consultation Agreement between MNA leaders and the Government of Canada at the Métis National Council meeting in Saskatoon on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

In honour of their commitment to renew a nation-to-nation, government-to-government relationship, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, and Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta, signed the Consultation Agreement.

The Consultation Agreement builds on the already productive relationship by outlining clear roles, responsibilities, and a method for consultation between the MNA and Canada. It establishes common expectations between the MNA and Canada ensuring the representation of all MNA citizens.

This document marks the first sub-agreement under the Framework Agreement for Advancing Reconciliation signed by Minister Bennett and President Poitras on November 16, 2017.

Quick Facts:

  • The MNA is governed by a Provincial Council, comprised of a Provincial President and Vice-President, and six (6) regional Presidents and Vice-Presidents, all democratically elected.
  • The MNA promotes and facilitates the advancement of Métis people through self-reliance, self-determination, and self-management.


“The signing of the Consultation Agreement marks Canada’s commitment and recognition of the Metis Nation as distinct peoples. The outcome will be opportunities to hear directly from Métis Nation of Alberta citizens on issues, needs, and concerns unique to our people.”

  • Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta

“This consultation protocol is an important step along the road to reconciliation to strengthen Canada’s relationship with the Métis Nation of Alberta. We look forward to continuing to work together in a true spirit of partnership and co-operation to make progress on our shared priorities for the benefit of Métis Nation of Alberta citizens and for all Canadians.”

  • The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, M.D., P.C., M.P., Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

To read the full agreement, click here.

Government of Canada and Métis National Council sign Métis National Housing Accord

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MNA representatives including Provincial Council members Dan Cardinal (far left), Marlene Lanz (second left), President Audrey Poitras (second right), and Karen Collins (far right) stand with Minister of Indigenous Relations, Carolyn Bennett after the Canada-MNC Métis Nation Housing Accord signing.

Saskatoon, SK. (July 19, 2018) President Audrey Poitras and the other Presidents of the Métis National Council, along with the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, signed the Métis National Housing Accord.

The Accord outlines the Government of Canada’s commitment of $500 million, over ten years, to support the implementation of a Métis Nation Housing Strategy. The Accord has six key elements of note:

  1. Develop a model, that can be adopted locally, using a multi-stakeholder approach to address the housing needs of the Métis Nation across the housing continuum. (Stakeholders include CMHC, Provincial housing corporations, Métis housing corporations, municipal housing authorities, developers, and not-for-profits);
  2. Utilize existing infrastructure of stakeholders, in particular Métis housing corporations, to deliver new or enhanced programs to supply Métis housing;
  3. Extend current housing subsidy programs being delivered by Métis housing corporations;
  4. Increase the number of affordable and subsidized housing units available specifically to Métis Nation families and citizens;
  5. Focus on reduction of the core housing need gap existing between Métis Nation citizens and non-Indigenous Canadians by preserving and improving the existing social housing stock; and
  6. Focus on homeownership as lowest cost approach to housing by exploring a variety of financial instruments such as a Métis Homeownership Fund backed by federal loan guarantees to support lower income Métis
  7. homeowners.

The Métis Nation of Alberta is very excited to strengthen its capacity to continue offering affordable housing programs and increasing its inventory of available units. This work will also include renovating, repairing, and rehabilitating its existing affordable housing options.

Quick Facts:

  • The Métis Nation Housing Accord is the second sub-agreement signed under the Canada-Métis Nation Accord, signed in April 2017, working towards a renewed relationship with the Métis Nation.
  • In June 2018, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patricia Hajdu and the Métis Nation leadership signed the Métis Nation Skills and Employment Accord. The Skills and Employment Accord provides a framework for working together to implement the new Métis National Labour Market Strategy. The strategy focuses on enhanced employment services, skills development, and job training to improve the overall well-being of Métis Nation.
  • The Métis Nation Skills and Employment Accord represents the Government of Canada’s commitment of more than $625 million over 10 years for the Métis Nation stream of the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training program in the 2018 budget. The program replaces the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy.


“The signing of the Housing Accord highlights Canada’s commitment and recognition of the Metis Nation’s self-determination. Through this accord Canada is helping our Housing Programs, like Métis Urban Housing Corporation and Métis Capital Housing Corporation, provide affordable and culturally-appropriate, sustainable solutions for our citizens.”

  • Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta

Special Resolutions

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Special Resolutions to amend the Métis Nation of Alberta Association’s bylaws at the 90th Annual General Assembly to be held August 11-12, 2018 in Lac La Biche, AB., are now available.

Click here to view or download the Special Resolutions Package.

Harvesting Report: What We Heard

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Métis Harvesting Rights Update – November 2018

With the 2018 hunting season upon us, we want to share the progress of our Harvesting Agreement negotiations with the Government of Alberta (GoA). While we have had some positive dialogue with GoA, we are still negotiating some final details prior to accepting the terms of the agreement.
We assure all current and prospective MNA harvesters we are doing everything we can to secure a policy that will be beneficial to our citizens now and for the future.


Over the past year, the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) has been collaborating with the Government of Alberta (GoA) on Métis harvesting rights.

As part of this collaborative work, the MNA hosted a series of engagement sessions across Alberta.
We had over 800 attendees and received 757 paper and online surveys.

With this feedback, we are negotiating a new Métis harvesting policy with the Alberta government. Our findings have been submitted to the GoA Cabinet, and we expect a decision by the end of July, 2018.

What We Heard

When engagement sessions wrapped up, we compiled a What We Heard report summarizing feedback into key themes.

Click here to read the full What We Heard report.

Click here for a printable copy of the What We Heard Report


The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) and the Government of Alberta (GoA) are jointly reviewing the existing Métis Harvesting in Alberta policy (the policy). The policy was put into place by the GoA unilaterally in 2007 to replace the Interim Métis Harvesting Agreement, and updated it in 2010. Now, the GoA and the MNA have agreed to collaborate in reviewing this policy in order to facilitate recognition for Métis rights in Alberta, uphold the honour of the Crown, and advance reconciliation.

For further information, please see the GoA-MNA working document: A Way Forward: Métis Harvesting in Alberta. This document details the collaborative work the GoA and the MNA are undertaking with respect to Métis harvesting.  


For more information:

Should you require more information you may contact our harvesting manager:

Craig Letendre
Harvesting Coordinator
Tel: 780-455-2200 Ext. 436
Email: cletendre@metis.org