Developing a Métis Consultation Policy: Key highlights from meeting with Métis Nation of Alberta and Minister of Indigenous Relations

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October 5, 2017 Leaders of the Métis Nation of Alberta meet with Minister Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations, and his staff for an initial discussion on a Métis Consultation Policy and a Harvesting Policy for Alberta.


Edmonton, AB October 6, 2017 – Leaders from the Government of Alberta and the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) met to begin discussions for an Alberta Métis Consultation Policy. “The meeting is a significant milestone forging a strengthened Nation to Nation relationship” stated the President of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Audrey Poitras.

She continued, “It has been a long time coming. We are excited to get the discussions officially started and begin developing a consultation policy for the Métis Nation and the Province. Crown consultation is about respecting and protecting rights and for far too long the Métis in Alberta have not been consulted. Jointly developing this policy will mark a new era of Crown-Métis relations in the province.”

The MNA has advocated for policy requiring consultation with Métis people for decades. The development of this policy was identified in the Métis Nation of Alberta – Government of Alberta Framework Agreement signed on February 1, 2017. The Framework Agreement outlines how the MNA and Government of Alberta will work together to facilitate the recognition and respect of Métis rights in Alberta, uphold the honour of the Crown, and advance reconciliation.

In his presentation, the Minister of Indigenous Relations, Honourable Richard Feehan, focused on Alberta’s priority initiatives related to Métis consultation. Specifically, launching a dialogue on potential legislation on Indigenous Consultation and a policy on Métis Harvesting. The Minister further outlined his intent to conduct consultation, understand barriers experienced by Métis citizens, and understand Métis peoples’ connection to the land and their role protecting it. Minister Feehan also highlighted the importance of creating a mechanism to provide legislative feedback.

A Métis consultation policy that works for both the Government of Alberta and the Métis Nation of Alberta is crucial for the province’s future. The policy will allow Alberta’s lands and resources to be developed ensuring the Métis Nation, as a distinct Indigenous people, can flourish creating prosperity for the Métis Nation and all Albertans for generations to come.

About the Métis Nation of Alberta
The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is governed by a Provincial Council, comprised of a Provincial President and Vice-President, and six (6) regional Presidents and Vice-Presidents, all democratically elected. The mandate of the MNA is to be a representative voice on behalf of Métis people in Alberta, provide Métis people an opportunity to participate in government’s policy and decision-making process and, most importantly, promote and facilitate the advancement of Métis people through the pursuit of self-reliance, self-determination and self-management. The MNA has been in operations since 1928.

The Métis have an intimate relationship with Alberta’s lands and resources. Métis culture has been shaped by the opportunities Alberta’s forest, rivers, lakes, and prairies provide. Many Métis people still rely on the land and its resources for food and cultural survival.
The MNA looks forward to working with Alberta to develop an Alberta Métis Consultation Policy allowing the Métis to have a say in how land is used and developed, ensuring Métis rights are respected and accommodated.

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Rolando Inzunza
Director of Communications and Citizen Engagement
Metis Nation of Alberta