Voyageur Days at Métis Crossing & Victoria Settlement

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Connect with Métis culture at Voyageur Days! This is a wonderful weekend filled with experiences and activities for the whole family. Join us a Métis Crossing and nearby Victoria Settlement for a range of exciting new events on August 25, 26, and 27.

Find a full program of events here!

Immerse yourself in a range of fun family activities.

  • Camping at Métis Crossing – Friday and Saturday night
  • Earn your Voyageur Certificate while paddling a 25 foot North Voyageur Canoe
  • Listen to Métis Elders tell stories to help you connect with the Métis culture
  • Hear the sound of the fiddle, live, as you kick up your heels to the Red River Jig or Square Dance
  • Complete several rows on the woven “Infinity Sash” using a historic weaving loom
  • Participate in fun fur trade activities at Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site
  • Chow down on Bison Bannock Burger’s…or dogs
  • Try your skill in Voyageur games
  • Test your throwing accuracy in the horseshoe tournament

New special Voyageur Weekend experiences will connect with the traditional knowledge of the Métis culture and create a special sense of place. Haskin Canoe will provide 25 foot North Voyageur Canoes and will transport participants from Métis Crossing to Victoria Settlement.  At Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site, visitors paddling in Voyageur canoes  will be greeted on the shore of the North Saskatchewan River and welcomed to Fort Victoria which was established as a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post in 1862.  Experience life as it was in the 1860’s with a focus on the fur trade!

Voyageur Canoe Experiences (Saturday & Sunday)      

  • Immersive (5 hrs): Travel by Voyageur Canoe down the North Saskatchewan River to Fort Victoria and delve into the lives of those who once called Victoria Settlement home. Trained guides will facilitate this excursion. ($30.00 for adults and $15.00 for youth)
  • North Voyageur (1.5 hrs): Led by qualified canoe guides, paddle in an authentic 25 foot North Voyageur Canoe down the North Saskatchewan.  This canoe experience builds upon Voyageur life where they transported furs and supplies along Canada’s historic fur trade routes. ($10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth)
  • Fort Victoria Fur Trader (3 hrs): Paddle in a North Voyageur Canoe and experience how fur traders spent their summers travelling along Canadian rivers. Land ashore at Fort Victoria and step back into the 1860’s. This experience, led by costumed guides will connect you with Victoria Settlement that grew out of the fur trade.  ($20 for adults and $10.00 for youth)


For further information on camping and events please contact Leon & Phoebe at (780) 656 2229 or