The Government of Alberta Launches the Indigenous Climate Leadership Survey and Request for Submissions

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The Government of Alberta has launched the Indigenous Climate Leadership Survey and Request for Written Submissions. Both the survey and submissions are to help give government direction on climate change programs for Indigenous communities and organizations.

To access the Indigenous Climate Leadership Survey, visit:

To access the Request for Written Submission website and Guidebook, visit:

The online survey is open to individual Indigenous Albertans 18 or older. Indigenous communities and organizations are also invited to provide submissions online. For information on the submission process, including discussion questions to help guide input, please read the Submission Guidebook. The survey and written submissions are part of the government’s engagement of Indigenous leadership, communities and individuals for input on the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan.

For any questions or comments regarding the submission or survey, please contact the Government of Alberta Indigenous Relations at

For questions or concerns related to climate change or energy efficiency programs, please contact Andres Filella, Climate Change Consultant at the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), at or at 780-455-2200 ext. 220.