Hazard Warning for Métis Harvesters

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AltaLink will be increasing the frequency of inspections along its transmission lines. As part of this initiative, AltaLink has committed to providing information regarding inspections that have the potential to impact Métis Harvesters conducting traditional land use activities. On September 6. 2016, AltaLink issued an update regarding inspection activities along their Heartland 240kV transmission lines. An excerpt from the notice reads as follows:

“In May 2016 AltaLink issued a notice that we would be increasing the frequency of inspections along transmission lines previously consulted on with your community: 1043L, and 1054L (Heartland 240kV). These increased inspections relate to a piece of equipment, known as a spacer damper, failing on one of our transmission lines.

All spacer dampers of this type will be replaced. Replacement is expected to begin in October 2016 and we anticipate the work will be completed by June 2017.

As the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) was engaged regarding the Crown lands involved with these transmission lines, the MNA’s members may be conducting Traditional Land Use activities where the lines will require more frequent inspections. We asked the MNA to communicate to their members the potential safety issue related to the spacer dampers. Inspections will continue until the spacer dampers are replaced. Inspection activities may include low-level helicopter flight inspections, ground level inspections and crews accessing the line from service trucks.”

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Bruce Gladue, Director of Sustainable Development and Industry Relations
780-455-2200 ext. 247 | bgladue@metis.org