MNA Consultation Policy Technical Working Group Update

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Over the past few months, the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) has undertaken the first critical steps toward the development of a Métis Nation Consultation Framework that will inform the Government of Alberta (GoA) Métis consultation policy. To assist in this process, a Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed following recommendations received during the initial consultation workshops involving MNA provincial, regional and local leadership. Co-Ministers of Métis Rights and Accommodation Bev New and Karen Collins (KC) sit as ex-officio members.

The TWG is a committee of technicians whose appointment is determined by the Region(s) and includes up to two (2) representatives from each region.

TWG Membership:

  • Region 1 : Carmen Wells and Eddison Lee Johnson
  • Region 2: Annette Ozirny
  • Region 3: Kirk Poitras and Emile LaVallee
  • Region 4: Kelsey Bradburn and Cliff Supernault
  • Region 5: Emma New
  • Region 6: Walter Andreeff and Ken Browning

TWG Objectives:

  1. Develop a framework for a Government of Alberta (GoA) Métis consultation policy as well as the documents required for its implementation (i.e. guidelines, ministerial order, proponent guide);
  2. Review and prepare suggested revisions to the MNA’s consultation policy as needed;
  3. Develop additional internal MNA documents to support the implementation of the GoA and MNA’s consultation policies as needed (i.e. regional protocol agreements).

The TWG is in the process of developing an MNA consultation principles paper that will be presented to the MNA membership at the 2016 Annual General Assembly (AGA) at Métis Crossing. This paper will serve as the guiding document for the MNA negotiations with the GoA in developing a non-Settlement Métis Consultation policy.

This is an exciting time for Métis Albertans. A GoA Métis consultation policy would mandate consultation between government and industry proponents and Métis citizens. A consultation policy would offer Métis communities’ greater agency by offering increased input into government and industry projects.

TWG Update: April 29, 2016 Meeting

  • The TWG worked to ratify the TWG Terms of Reference.
  • Discussion focused on reviewing a draft set of core principles that will guide the TWG in developing the Métis Nation consultation framework and any future discussions with the Government of Alberta on the policy.
  • To complement the core principles, a set of definitions are being developed to provide the necessary understanding of the terms and phrases most commonly used in the documents.
  • In light of the tight timelines before the MNA AGM, the TWG determined the next meeting will be a 2 day session.

TWG Update: June 3, 2016 Meeting

  • The June 3 meeting of the TWG focused on a review of the draft principles and glossary documents.
  • The TWG also discussed the purpose and objectives of Métis Consultation and Accommodation.
  • The draft principles paper will be presented to the MNA Provincial Council at their July meeting, prior to presentation to the MNA AGM in August.

Next Meeting

The TWG has a conference call scheduled for June 20th and a face to face meeting July 12th.