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Canada and Métis Nation sign Métis Economic Development Accord

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Yesterday, the Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and President of the Métis National Council, Clément Chartier, signed a Métis Economic Development Accord.

Minister Valcourt stated: “Our Government is delivering results for all Canadians by pursuing initiatives that lead to jobs and economic development opportunities. The signing of the Economic Development Accord is a clear demonstration of our determination to pursue our work in partnership with Métis leaders to move the Métis economic development agenda forward.”

President Clément Chartier stated: “The Accord centres on the priorities of Métis business development, participation in major economic and resource development projects, labour force development and strengthening the role of Métis institutions to advance economic development. These priorities are of critical importance to the Métis Nation and we look forward to pursuing them with Canada, the provinces and industry.”

Each symposium brings together the Métis Nation, governments and industry leaders to build new relationships that will enable Métis to fully share in economic development opportunities.

The signing of the Accord during this Symposium reflects the success of these relationships, which are leading to measurable gains in both Métis employment and business development. It enables us to further improve employment and business prospects for Métis people and communities in partnership with provinces and industry.

The communiqué at the end of the symposium (see MEDS III Communiqué) reflects the desire of participants to continue building partnerships and economic development opportunities for Métis people.

Article link: http://www.metisnation.ca/index.php/news/canada-and-metis-national-council-sign-metis-economic-development-accord