Role of the Bylaws

All decisions regarding policy, programs, and funding pass through Provincial Council which is governed by a set of Bylaws.

The MNA Bylaws provide guidance and direction on the governance structure and role of the Métis government, including accountability to its citizens through the Annual General Assembly (AGA).  The AGA, held every August, is the core of Métis Nation governance. It provides the key opportunity for MNA citizens to present and debate changes to the bylaws as well as provide direction to leadership going forward.

The Bylaws of the Métis Nation of Alberta can only be changed at an AGA through special resolution.  Special resolutions must propose changes to the bylaws and be presented to the MNA and citizens prior to an assembly.

Any citizen of the MNA may put forward a special resolution for review. All submitted special resolutions are posted publicly prior to the AGA, allowing citizens to review them before they attend the meeting.

Valid resolutions are debated and voted on by the assembly.  In order to be passed, 75% of the established quorum of the AGA must vote in favour of the special resolution. If the minimum threshold is not reached, the special resolution is defeated and the bylaws do not change.  If passed, the bylaws are updated and made available following the AGA.

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