Family Tree

In order to obtain MNA membership, an up-to-date, accurate family tree is needed. When gathering information for your family tree, it is helpful to:

  1. Start by asking family for names, places of birth and dates of birth.
  2. Keep track of all information in a notebook or a file.
  3. Check census records, obituaries, wedding announcements, wills, birth documents and history books for helpful information.

The MNA will provide members with a copy of their Métis family tree as requested. Please note that a $10.00 administration fee is required to receive a copy of your Métis family tree. Fax or mail a signed written request to:

Métis Nation of Alberta
Attn: Registry
#100, 11738 Kingsway Ave,
Edmonton, AB T5G 0X5
Fax: (780) 452-6035

Be sure to label your request clearly with your name, date of birth and a return address. Please allow 30 days for us to respond to your request.

Click here for a blank copy of the family tree template.