The Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) takes pride in its extensive Genealogy Research Centre (GRC), which runs out of the Provincial Office. Access to information about ancestry and family trees is extremely important to the Métis, and we strive to provide such information to those who are interested.

MNA genealogy and registry staff offer over thirty years of collective research and genealogical experience, and they are happy to help those who need a family tree to apply for their membership card.

Our Genealogy Research Centre holds a large collection of resources available to assist the Métis in searching for the members of their family trees. These resources include:

  • Provincial Vital Statistic Records which cover births, baptisms, marriages and deaths in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, North West Territories, North Dakota and Montana;
  • Oblate records extracted from provincial archives including:
    • Batoche 1880-1909
    • Batoche 1881-1959
    • Lac la Biche 1853-1908
    • Red River Colony 1820-1851
  • A large cemetery collection, which includes North Dakota;
  • Manitoba marriage records, 11 volumes, 1825-1983;
  • Western Land Grants/Métis Scrip Books
  • Hudson Bay records;
  • Numerous donated books
  • Access to
  • Historic family photographs. The GRC recently received a donation of historical pictures from the Riel family. The pictures depict Louis Riel’s youngest brother, Alexander, alongside his wife.

Our library of information and materials covers all aspects of Métis history and culture, and is always growing! Recent acquisitions include historical records from Pembina 1841-1880 and Saskatchewan from the Salt Lake City Family History Library.

  • Community books
  • Cultural reference books
  • Métis family photographs
  • Collection of military service records
    • 1,200 attestation papers of WWI Métis soldiers
    • Service papers for WWII and other military missions
  • Journals, letters and biographies
  • Métis artifacts museum
  • Newspaper and periodical extracts

This information would not be readily available to the Métis without the help of those who have donated to the GRC over the past five years; the Métis Nation of Alberta thanks all of our generous donors!

For a printable version of our GRC brochure, please click here.

If you would like to donate to our GRC, or are interested in learning more about your family tree and ancestry, please contact: 

Beatrice Demetrius
Senior Genealogist
Métis Nation of Alberta
Tel: (780) 455-2200
Toll Free: 1-800-252-7553