Personal Information Protection Policy (PIPA)


The Métis Nation of Alberta is committed to meeting the current standards of personal information protection when collecting and maintaining personal information, including genealogies of its members. This commitment is a key administrative initiative under the Métis Nation of Alberta’s guiding principle of honesty and professionalism.

The Métis Nation of Alberta, as a registered non-profit society, is not required to meet the requirements of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). The Métis Nation, however, recognizes the importance of making its members comfortable that the information they share with the Métis Nation is treated with respect and care.



  1. Purpose: We will tell people why we collect their personal information.
  2. Consent: We will obtain people’s consent to collect and use their personal information.
  3. Collection: We will collect only the personal information we need.
  4. Use: We will use personal information only when necessary.
  5. Accuracy: We will take reasonable care to keep personal information accurate.
  6. Protection: We will protect all personal information from theft or misuse.
  7. Transparency: We will communicate our commitment, principles and policies to the members.
  8. Access: We will allow people to access their personal information.
  9. Redress: We will consider all reasonable complaints about our privacy protection and provide redress where reasonable.


Using the nine principles set out, the Métis Nation shall maintain and enforce personal information protection policies that meet the purpose and intent of the Personal Information Protection Act.



These policies and procedures apply to the collection and use of personal information by the Métis Nation of Alberta Membership Registry. All Métis Nation of Alberta employees who handle personal information collected and used by the Registry in the performance of its duties are bound by these policies and procedures and adhering to these policies is a condition of their employment.

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