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Revisit the Virtual Youth Leadership Conference

Rewatch Today! – Online

The Virtual Youth Leadership conference happened September 26 and was such a pleasure to host!

We’ve just released the recordingof the live sessions and opened the website to the public so you can relive the conference or see what you missed.

Online Hunter Education Certificate

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Hunting season is just around the corner so sign up for our Online Hunter Education Course today!

If you’re a first-time hunter, or have just a little experience hunting, we’re bringing hunter education to you in an online format!

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Sports and Recreation Grant 

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Becoming a pro takes practice, and we want to help you get that practice.

If you’re a youth aged 5 to 17, you can receive up to $500 towards travel, equipment, or registration costs with the Sports and Recreation grant.

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Online Jigging Competition

Announcing the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners of the MNA Online Jigging Competition!

Thank you to all our jiggers, and especially to everyone who cast a vote! Thank you for making this online competition a success.

We hope to jig with you in person soon!

Personal Development Courses

Free Online Classes

Build confidence and gain new skills from the comfort of your home with 10 FREE online certification courses.

Keeping it Riel Podcast

Popular Podcast Platforms

The MNA Youth Team has a podcast!

Every other Monday they’ll feature Métis people and their inspiring stories.

Check it out on most podcasting platforms, or see their Buzzsprout page!


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