Region 4 Hannah Nash

Youth Council Bio:

Where are you from?

Tan’si, Nisihkason, Hannah Nash. Winnipeg, Manitoba Ohci niya

Hello, my name is Hannah Nash, and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

What Region do you represent? Any family ties you’d like to mention?

I represent Region 4

What are your interests?

I like to travel, hike, swim, and camp. I also like writing, reading, and dancing.

Why are you involved with the MNA?

I am involved with the Métis Nation because of the passion and the family that come with being a part of the community. For almost my entire childhood, growing up in a predominantly white community and not having many Métis people around me, it was hard to feel at home, but at Métis events and being with other Métis people I finally feel like I belong with people who understand. It is the strong sense of interconnectedness that I feel with Métis youth, and the passion of the people that keep me involved. 

Aiy hiy

Contact me!

Region 4 Office
11724 – 95 Street
T5G 1L9

Phone: 780-455-2200
Toll Free: 1-800-252-7553
Email: regionfour@metis.org