Council Chair Brett Chernow

Youth Council Bio:

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Calgary.

What region do you represent? Any family ties you’d like to mention?

I am from Region 3. My family is from northern Alberta. They left the St. Charles Métis settlement near Winnipeg in 1865 to head for Slave Lake. They stayed in areas west of Slave Lake and some family still live on the original plot to this day.

What are you interests?

When not trying to enrich the lives of his Métis community, I am usually exercising my feverish obsession with ramen and practicing making the best food I can.

Why are you involved with the MNA?

I have used my experience within the Métis political structure to help create the Special Resolution that brought forth the current Provisional Youth Counsel. My passion going forward is strengthening the Youth Council so that decisions regarding youth have a youth voice influencing them.

Contact me!

Region 3 Office
1530 — 27 Ave NE
T2E 7S6

Phone: 403-569-8800
Toll Free: 1-800-267-5844
Email: regionthree@metis.org