Youth Programs & Services

The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) is committed to developing and delivering programs and services that address the unique needs of Métis youth in Alberta, so they may feel inspired and empowered to move the Nation forward.

Youth are the future of the Nation, and it is important to involve them in vital decision-making, where they can offer fresh perspectives and ideas. Youth have a hunger to connect with their culture and community. The MNA’s Department of Youth Programs and Services has led many initiatives to address this need and ensure all Métis youth in Alberta feel a sense of belonging to both their community and their Métis roots. 

Youth Programs and Services helps build lasting relationships among Métis youth and facilitates cultural connection through provincial initiatives: Youth and Seniors Gathering, Alberta Métis Fest, On the Land camps, Headstrong mental health summit, Youth Conferences, and much more. The department also works with six Regional Youth Coordinators (RYCs) to provide Cultural Enrichment programs, Life Skills programs, and weekly youth groups in every MNA region!

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For information on Youth Programs and Services in your area, please contact your Regional Youth Coordinator:

Name:Region/City:Contact Info:
Emily MacMillanRegion 1 – Lac La
Sarah JohnsonRegion 2 –
Kristen AcunaRegion 3 –
Madison QuintalRegion 4 –
Beverly LambertRegion 5 – Slave
Erin MingayRegion 6 – Peace

For additional information, please contact:
780-455-2200 ext. 249

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