MNA Wellness Program

Navigating life’s challenges is hard and it’s okay to need help.

Our new MNA Wellness Program could help you on your journey.

Through a partnership with Alberta Blue Cross and Homewood Health, Métis citizens of all ages can now access up to 12 hours of free, professional, confidential, and culturally sensitive counselling.

All you need is your MNA citizenship number to access this FREE program. 

Counsellors provide support in areas such as:

  • Improving personal well-being
  • Managing relationships and family
  • Addressing workplace challenges
  • Taking financial and legal control in life
  • And more

Read more about what to expect when you call the MNA Wellness Program.

Sessions are held over phone, video, or instant messaging and available 24/7 in both French and English.

No matter the issue, please reach out for assistance, just call 1-877-729-0261 today.