Métis Health Surveillance – Public Health Surveillance Program (PHSP)

The PHSP is a multi-sectoral partnership between the MNA, Alberta Health, The Public Health Agency of Canada and the University of Alberta School Of Public Health.  The activities associated with the program attempt to provide evidence to the prevalence of chronic disease in the Métis population of Alberta.

The purpose of the program is to pursue public health surveillance initiative specific to Métis people in Alberta.  Through surveillance activities information will be generated on the health status and health service use of Métis Albertans, particularly in regard to the prevalence and incidence of chronic disease.  The information generated is useful for identifying the need for appropriate interventions to affect a change in health outcomes.

For more information about this program, please contact:

Kelsey Bradburn
Senior Manager of Health, Children, and Youth 
Email: kbradburn@metis.org 
Tel: (780) 455-2200

PHSP brochures:


PHSP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is the Public Health Surveillance Program (PHSP)?

This program is a partnership agreement between the:

  • Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA),
  • Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW)
  • Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the,
  • University of Alberta School of Public Health

The intent of the program is to generate evidence on the health status and health service use of Métis Albertans. This information will be used to guide programs and policies, establish a process for ongoing public health surveillance and influence the manner by which health care service providers administer care.

What information from my file will be shared with Alberta Health and Wellness?

MNA members’ personal information profiles (which include the member’s name, date of birth, and address) are updated to include the Alberta Health and Wellness Personal Health Number (PHN). This personal information profile is shared with Alberta Health and Wellness via secure file transfer.

Will the MNA have record of my personal health service use? Will the MNA be aware of any health problems or challenges I experience?

No, the MNA will not access or have record of member personal health service use.  All information generated is anonymous.

What health information will be produced as a result of this program?

Data generated will provide information reading the prevalence of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

What types of reports will be generated as a result of the PHSP?  Where can I access reports?

Reports on the chronic conditions will be produced annually.  These will be accessible from the MNA website, provincial and regional offices.

What services can I expect once I share my information?

  • With member health  information compiled, reports will be generated  to provide an accurate account of Metis health and wellness
  • The information compiled will enable identification of chronic health problems like diabetes, arthritis and heart
  • Gathered information will be evidence for funding health and wellness initiatives for Metis members.
  • Capacity development for the MNA to monitor the health of Metis Albertans allowing  Metis communities to be involved in the planning and implementation of health care initiatives.

What health information is contained in the administrative health data stored in my health records?

Personal health care information is collected by health service providers each time we access services – including physician visits, hospital visits and pharmaceutical prescriptions.  These records become administrative records retained on our health care files.  Through the PHSP process, MNA member personal health numbers are matched with your administrative records stored by Alberta Health and Wellness.

How will the MNA ensure privacy of members and their publically held data?

  • The MNA is committed to meeting the current standards of personal information protection when collecting and maintaining personal information.  This commitment is a key administrative initiative under the MNA guiding principles of honesty and professionalism.
  • All data generated and reported on will not identify or trace a MNA member in any way. Member identity will be kept confidential as required by law and defined within the Métis Nation of Alberta Membership Registry Personal Information Protection Policy.