Health Research Reports

In 2010, the MNA began the process of collecting high-quality aggregate research data on the health of citizens, which involved negotiations with Alberta Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). The result was that the MNA and PHAC entered into a five-year funding arrangement to pursue Métis-specific health research, and the MNA and Alberta Health entered into an Information Sharing Agreement, which involved the collection of de-identified administrative health data for Métis Albertans in order to get a deeper understanding of the health outcomes and overall wellbeing of our citizens.

Objectively verifiable data was gathered on Métis Albertans and a report was developed in partnership with the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta entitled Health Status of the Métis Population of Alberta.  This report has been utilized as a baseline report on health and health service utilization for Métis Albertans. Following this baseline report on Métis Health, the MNA has continued to prioritize developing high-quality research with three follow-up studies completed, as follows:

  1. Health Status of the Métis Population of Alberta
  2. Epidemiological and Health Services Indicators of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among Métis in Alberta
  3. Cancer Incidence and Mortality Among the Métis Population of Alberta
  4. Injuries among Members of the Métis Nation of Alberta
  5. Diabetes Amongst the Métis Nation of Alberta 
  6. The Burden of Hypertension and Heart Disease Amongst the Métis Nation of Alberta

The information developed from these reports demonstrates that Métis people in Alberta have a unique health profile that is distinct from First Nations, Inuit Peoples, and non-Indigenous peoples in Alberta. Findings from these reports enable the MNA to lobby for grants and pursue funding that can positively impact the health outcomes of Métis Albertans. The MNA is continuing to engage in Métis-specific health research and is currently investigating Type 2 Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease and Hypertension, Substance Use and Misuse, and Maternal and Perinatal Health, to name a few. This data will ensure that the MNA has the information necessary to work towards an equitable distribution of health resources for all Métis Albertans.

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