Children and Family Services

Our Children & Family Services (CFS) recognizes the importance of maintaining and enhancing connections with Métis families, communities, and culture for Métis children and youth. CFS works towards ensuring the rights and dignity of Métis children and families involved with the child intervention systems are honoured, while advocating for and supporting the needs of Métis children and families.

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Métis Resource Worker

The Métis Resource Worker can be an essential link between the child, family, community, and Alberta Children’s Services by:

  • Strengthening family and engaging community through Métis culture
  • Providing client-centered culturally sensitive approaches to wellness
  • Assisting with Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) citizenship registration for children in care, persons with previous Children’s Services involvement, and adoptees
  • Developing culturally appropriate family plans with Alberta Children`s Services staff
  • Offering in-person cultural training, resource referral, and support planning to kinship caregivers and foster families caring for Métis children
  • Advocacy and community-based referrals

Supports & Services Navigator

The Supports and Services Navigator connects Métis citizens with various MNA affiliated programs, provincial government supports, and community resources.

MNA-affiliated resources include:

  • Education, training, and funding options through Rupertsland Institute
  • Entrepreneurial support and business development via Apeetogosan Métis Development Inc.
  • Low-cost housing, rent subsidies, and home repairs through Métis Capital Urban Housing Corporation

Provincial government and community resources include:

  • Provincially funded programs relating to financial support, mental health, and addictions
  • Navigation to community-based legal services
  • Publicly funded and low-cost private health care programs and services

Resource Contact Numbers

Rupertsland Institute: 1-888-486-3847
Apeetogosan: 1-800-252-7963
Métis Urban Housing: 1-877-458-8684
Law Society of Alberta: 1-800-661-1095
Alberta Works Emergency Financial Assistance: 1-877-644-9992
Alberta Child and Adult Health Benefit: 1-877-469-5437
Alberta Health Services 24/7 Mental Health Hotline: 1-877-303-2642

Activity Books

MNA Children’s Cultural Activity Book

MNA Youth and Teens Cultural Activity Book