Provincial Council

The Provincial Council (PC) is responsible for governing the affairs of the Métis Nation, including but not limited to cultural, economical, educational, political and social affairs, as well as approving budgetary requirements and providing financial accountability to the Annual Assembly. As outlined in the Bylaws of the Métis Nation of Alberta, the PC may institute and amend policies and standards, given that these policies, procedures and standards remain consistent with the resolutions that have been approved at the Annual Assembly. Council members are also permitted to establish and delegate powers to standing committees when deemed necessary to carry out the business of the Métis Nation.

The president, vice-president and regional representatives of the Provincial Council are elected in accordance with the Métis Nation of Alberta Election Bylaws. Once elected, they serve a term of four (4) years, and are eligible for re-election once their term has been served, assuming their rights have not been suspended.

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