Reiterating Risk for Seniors

Guidelines for individuals over 60 years of age

Individuals over 60 years of age and those with pre-existing health conditions are most at risk of severe symptoms from COVID-19. Please follow the public health guidelines reiterated below.

To prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, among seniors and vulnerable groups:

  • Visitors to any continuing care, long-term care and seniors’ lodges in Alberta are limited to a single individual designated by the resident or guardian.
  • Each essential visitor must be verified and undergo a health screening prior to entering the facility. This may include a temperature check or a questionnaire.
  • Facilities must have security staff or a greeter to conduct this screening and verify the visitor is designated.
  • Exceptions to these essential visitor rules will be made for family members to visit a person who is dying, so long as only one visitor enters the facility at a time

It is important to remember that Elders and Seniors are vital to our Métis Community. Elders who are not residing in a care facility or lodge are also at risk. 

If you are providing supplies to Elders in our community:

Remember to practice physical distancing when delivering supplies.

  • This means arrange for porch or front step drop off for any essential supplies.
  • If you must go into the home, ask the Elder to give you 6ft (2 meters) of space in order to protect them while you drop off supplies.
  • DO NOT VISIT OR DROP OF SUPPLIES IF YOU ARE SICK. Even if it is only mild symptoms. Find an alternate volunteer.
  • Do not visit in person where possible.
  • Public health recommends staying home and limiting contact with those who do not live with you.
  • Find creative ways to stay connected: pick up the phone or take some time (but be physically separated by 6ft) to set an Elder up with Facetime on their phone if they have one.
  • Bring the supplies to the Elder rather than transporting Elders to the supplies.
  • Public health is recommending that those who are high risk stay home where possible.

The MNA recognizes that this is hard for many of our Elders who are certainly the heart of our community and gatherings. Where possible, remind yourself and Elders that these precautions are put in place to ensure they are protected. It is because we hold them so dear that we must take these aggressive measures.