Métis Urban Housing Corporation (MUHC)

The Métis Urban Housing Corporation (MUHC) is a Métis-owned corporation that provides affordable, adequate, and appropriate rental housing for low and moderate income Aboriginal families within the urban centers of Alberta. Our primary focus is on assisting Aboriginal families in need to obtain affordable, adequate and suitable housing.

We believe that our first responsibility is to the Aboriginal families that use our services. In meeting their needs, we will strive for excellence in the delivery of service by encouraging an efficient and cooperative team approach within the corporation that is sensitive to and understanding of the cultural and social values of our clients.

We are responsible to the Métis people of Alberta through the Métis Nation of Alberta, and financially accountable to the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation under Section 95 of the National Housing Act. Through operating successfully, we will provide a positive example of what can be accomplished by Métis people. By example, we will instill some confidence among Métis people to push forward with other challenging projects that will assist in improving the lifestyles of Métis people.

Métis Urban Housing Corporation Contact/Head Office:

11922 – 121A Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 0A2

Phone: (780) 452-6440
Fax: (780) 452-1076