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Mental Health Supports

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There is a lot going on and you might be facing a lot of uncertainty. While we work to establish the needs of our community and how we’re able to respond, there are numerous resources for mental health support:

From the CDC  

From Alberta Health services

From Suicide Information & Education Services

Stay up to date with information from the Government of Alberta, Follow us on social media for news specific to the Nation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

MNA Children’s Booklet

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The province has closed all schools and daycares with more than seven children to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the meantime, the MNA has fun, culturally relevant activities to keep your kids busy.

Download and print off our Children’s Booklet and learn about Métis culture and your family history while you stay safe at home.

Click here to download the PDF of the children’s booklet.

Take a sneak peek at the booklet in the images below:

Métis National Council Members Demand Leadership Call Board of Governors Meeting

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March 13, 2020 – The Presidents of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) and Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) are demanding Métis National Council (MNC) leadership call a Board of Governors meeting to ensure future MNC decisions are made on behalf of all Métis citizens.

A Board of Governors meeting has not been called in nearly two years meaning the democratic rules for how the Council should operate have not been followed. Manitoba Métis Federation President, David Chartrand has been acting as MNC President since MNC President, Clem Chartier’s November 6th, 2019 announcement that he was withdrawing from an active role in national leadership, in spite of the fact Mr. Chartrand has not been properly appointed as interim President per the process set out in the policies of the MNC.

In a recent media article, Mr. Chartrand admitted that he has not called a Board of Governors meeting because he is worried a vote by the governing members would result in him losing control of the national council.

The three governments have made numerous calls for leadership of MNC to call a formal Board of Governors meeting to discuss the serious issues impacting the Métis people and have been concerned that Mr. Chartrand is merely trying to hold on to his illegitimate power at the expense of the best interests of Métis citizens across the country; now he has admitted it.
“We are alarmed, but not surprised, at Mr. Chartrand’s admission in the media that a general assembly meeting has not been convened for nearly two years because he and the National President feel they have lost support,” said Glen McCallum, President of MN-S.

MNO President Margaret Froh said that, “like any organization, rules are put in place to frame the way we engage with each other to ensure good governance. Mr. Chartrand is usurping these rules and that is deeply concerning and unacceptable to us.”

“This serves to further highlight the concerns we have been raising about accountability, transparency and open leadership within the MNC,” said MNA President Audrey Poitras.

The three presidents have previously expressed concerns around Mr. Chartrand and Mr. Chartier’s leadership and the direction of the MNC; numerous citizens of the Métis Nation vocalized these concerns at an MNC conference in Saskatoon on March 9-10.

In a recent press release, the MNC asked for a leadership meeting as soon as possible to discuss unity between the governments but continues to refuse to call a formal, sanctioned Board of Governors meeting to ensure the democratic process of the MNC is followed.

The MNO, MNA, MN-S are committed to progress, and have recently signed Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreements with the Government of Canada that demonstrates that commitment to progress and advancing their inherent right to self-determination.

Métis Governments Move Forward on Self-Government—Together

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Otipemisiwak: A National Conference on Métis Self-Government

March 3, 2020 – Métis governments from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario are gathering next week in Ottawa on March 9 and 10 for a first-of-its-kind conference on Métis self-government.  

Collectively, these three Métis governments represent more than 200,000 rights-bearing Métis citizens living across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  

The conference builds on the historic signings of the Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreements (MGRSAs) in June 2019. The MGRSAs are the first agreements in Canada to recognize the Métis inherent right of self-government based on Métis rights recognition and implementation.

This conference will bring together Métis leaders, citizens, federal government representatives, legal experts, academics, and First Nations who have successfully negotiated modern day treaties and self-government agreements.

Some of the confirmed speakers include: Jason Madden, Métis rights lawyer, Partner, Pape Salter Teillet LLP; Tom Isaac, former Ministerial Special Representative on Métis s. 35 Rights; Carla McGrath, Director General of Negotiations Central, Crown-Indigenous Relations; Bertha Rabesca Zoe, Laws Guardian, Tłı̨chǫ Government; Brian Calliou, Director of Indigenous Leadership and Management, Banff Centre; Karen Drake, Associate Professor, York University Osgoode Hall Law School; Marilyn Poitras, Director Indigenous Law Centre, University of Saskatchewan.

A copy of the agenda is available at www.metisnation.org. The conference takes place at the Hilton Lac-Leamy in Ottawa on March 9-10, 2020 and will be live webcast so citizens from across the Métis Nation Homeland will be able to participate in this historic occasion: https://freeman.streamme.ca/MetisOntario2020

Statements from Métis Government Leaders:

“This conference is about who we are as Métis. We are Otipemisiwak – a people that own themselves. Our Métis governments have been built community meeting by community meeting, assembly by assembly, success by success. The MGRSA’s represent the next chapter in this long history of Métis self-government and self-determination.” – Audrey Poitras, Métis Nation of Alberta President

“The Traditional and democratic self-government structure of the Métis Nation Saskatchewan has been practiced and built since the days of Louis Riel in Batoche. This government structure needs to be understood, respected, and practiced. This conference represents an opportunity for our federal partners to hear directly from us, in our own words, about our Métis rights and self-government.” – Glen McCallum, Métis Nation-Saskatchewan President

“The MGRSAs were the result of the Métis successfully advancing their rights before the Supreme Court of Canada over the last 15 years. This includes cases like R. v. Powley (2003), which recognized Métis s.35 harvesting rights in and around Sault Ste Marie Ontario, and the Harry Daniels v. Canada case (2016), which recognized the federal government’s role in advancing government-to-government relationship with Indigenous communities, including the Métis.” – Margaret Froh, Métis Nation of Ontario President

About the Self-Government Agreements

On June 27, 2019, the Métis Governments of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta each signed Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreements with Canada. The Self-Government Agreements provide for Canada’s immediate recognition of the inherent right to self-government held by the Métis communities and citizens represented by each of our Métis Governments, and set out a clear, mutually agreeable path for recognition of the Métis Governments as Indigenous governments in Canadian law. This is the first time that Canada has ever recognized an inherent right of self-government for Métis.

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